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Objective :

We always do our best to focus on producing quality lifting magnets and aim to provide customer with reliable supplies.


Policy :

To assure customers of safe operation when they use our lifting magnets to lift or handle materials is the chief concern.

With 15 years experience in this field, we know what customer most concern in selecting a lifting equipment is the safety. So we always put the quality issue as our top priority. All of our products are not only tested by SBS, but also insured by PICC.


Testing :
All of our lifting magnets are CE certified. We have a strict quality controlling systerm which promises that goods we produced are always of the first class quality. Experienced engineers have constant watch on quality at each stage of manufacturing. Precise testing instruments can give every finished product a full test before delivery. We always establish a certificate of quality instruction for each product and put it into carton to indicate that this product is allowed to sale after inspection.


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