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How the magnet lifting work?

  • Date:2011-6-30 22:38:28
  • How The magnet lifting Work?

    This article answer the question of How The magnet lifting Work

    The magnet lifting currently operates in the largest of production lines to the smallest job shops and provides the same advantages of safety, high performance, and low operating cost for each user. For sheet, plate, block, round or angle, Permadur has a magnet for any application. Let Permadur's engineers evaluate the feasibility of applying our principle to your magnet lifting application.

    STEP 1
    Lower magnet to desired position on load. Load will not "jump" as magnetic field is stored in Internal Keeper.
    STEP 2
    Depress momentary "On" button and hold until internal keeper moves away from top of magnet. Release "On" button. Magnetic holding power has now been transferred from internal keeper to load by the pulse of power. No continuous current is required to maintain hold force

    STEP 3
    Move load to desired location - SAFE-LOAD FEATURE- magnet cannot release suspended load even if "Off" button is accidentally depressed because keeper supports load and magnet weight and cannot return to top of magnet to absorb magnet holding power until tension is removed.
    STEP 4
    Lower load into place until magnet suspension is slack. Depress "Off" button until internal keeper returns to top of magnet to absorb magnetic holding power, releasing load

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