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Introduction of magnet lifting

  • Date:2011-6-21 10:57:33
  • Magnet lifting also known as permanent lifting,magnet lifter, magnetic crane, magnetic lifter, lifting magnet, lifting magnets, permanent magnets and so on. Small size, greater suction holding force, the remanence is almost zero, and high safety factor.

    Xiqingfang magnet lifting of sales in a contemporary high-performance Nd-fe-B neodymium iron boron magnetic material, the lifting device smaller, lighter weight, stronger suction holding force, the unique circuit design, remanence is almost zero. Permanent lifting high safety factor, the maximum pull-off strength is rated from the gravity of 2.8-4 times. Switch handle security button, one-handed operation, convenient and safe. Lifting the bottom "V" groove design.
    Permanent magnet lifter can lift the corresponding bar, plate, no electricity, safe, widely used for the lifting of steel handling, flat mechanical parts and the installation and removal of mold. Xiqingfang permanent lifting for shipbuilding, engineering machinery, automobile and other industries at room temperature steel lifting, handling and other operations of the lifting gear. Permanent magnet lifter lifting process is mainly used for lifting the workpiece and being connected (such as: and chain electric hoist, wire rope hoist and other supporting) for mobile iron block and cylindrical magnetic materials work. Easy to operate, safe, reliable, compact and lightweight the result. Permanent magnet sucker widely used in factories, docks, warehouses and transportation industries. Improve the working conditions of loading and unloading operations, improve labor efficiency.
    If you interesting in our lifting magnetsplease contact XiQingFang at bati@xqf-liftingmagnets.com for your Magnet Lifting needs.
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