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Several factors of affecting the Magnet lifting

  • Date:2011-6-21 10:36:32
  • First to introduce the magnetic principle of magnet lifting: magnet lifting magnet which is a circular, the outside position Nguyen iron absorption materials, mostly copper shell casing, so that absolutely magnetic! Item location is outside most of the adsorption soft iron, is magnetized by the magnetic field, when the after removal of the external magnetic field, remanence small iron and steel. By turning the permanent lifting of the handle to rotate inside the magnet. When the two magnet (N or S) goes to the next direction, the base of soft iron was magnetized, and this direction has a magnetic, so can be used to suck the steel surface. The rest of the shell because it is copper, must have good ability and will not appear to put the magnetic magnetic magnetic release if the event will cause a decline in magnetic force, increase the risk factor (identified small ways: in a permanent lifting can be put the magnetic state, which take the pins near to observe whether adsorption)

     Magnet lifting effect from the gravity of the main factors:

     1 magnet lifting the quality of the suction cup lifting capacity of the tested carbon steel for the reference to the end, lifting capacity factor of 1, cast iron factor of 0.5, low-alloy steel coefficient of 0.75, high carbon coefficient of 0.9, while the carbon coefficient 0.95.

     2, the magnet lifting of the impact of thickness and surface quality, if the surface roughness Ra is greater than 6. 3um, or worse, the need to measure the workpiece surface contact with the suction cup there is a gap, as shown by the performance curve the gap with the suction holding force curve, and find out the percentage of lifting capacity, a collection of two factors, calculate the sucker up to the lifting capacity, the curve in the suction cups on both sides. Before use, should the workpiece thickness sorption curves according to performance, find out which shows the plate thickness and the percentage of suction holding force. When the surface roughness Ra is less than 6. 3um, it means that the workpiece surface contact with the sucker-free, since gravity can reach 100%.

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