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How to choose lifting magnets

  • Date:2011/5/16 4:19:00
  • How to choose lifting magnets
    In order to help you get the best lifting magnets for your application, when you send us your enquiry,you should give us the following information:

    1. What are the materials you want to attract?
    2. What kind of steel and iron? For example: steel scraps, steel billet, ingot, plate, bar or ball.
    3. What's the lifting capacity you expect?
    4. What kind of working site does the magnet work?
    5. Do you want the Cable Reel? If yes, tell me hoist height of the crane.
    6. Do you want the electric controller?

    bati@xqf-liftingmagnets.com   will supply the best services to you.
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